After having created our VPC in Part 1, in this article we are going to setup an S3 bucket. I will cover the very basic operations for bucket creation. The intent is to have a bucket that we can use in our next part to set up and configure EC2 instances.

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Our objective is to create a simple AWS CloudFormation Stack that we can use to customise the creation of buckets in terms of:

  • Bucket Name
  • Bucket Versioning
  • Bucket Access Control

In order to make the template useful when used in concert with other stacks we also want to generate…

Recently I started playing with CloudFormation to programmatically build infrastructure in AWS. At first sight the tool is very powerful but sometimes it may become a bit daunting because the verbosity of the prose as well as the variety of options available.

The documentation is quite good and usually you can find all the information you need if you’re willing to spend enough time surfing through the documentation and Stack Overflow. …

Hi Nikolay, I particularly like the diagram that shows the breadth and depth of technical capabilities and qualities that a solution architect may have. I think it gives an immediate and comprehensive view of what the profession ask to the individual and also a good guide for personal development.

Learn how to quickly string together a set of very simple bash commands to make your go tests output stand out have an immediate understanding of failures, coverage. … it may not be the best way to do this, but it is good enough for me ;-)

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Making eye contact with your go tests

Golang already has a good built-in tooling to run automation testing and gather insights test coverage metrics. Every go developer is very much familiar with the go test and the go test -cover commands. …

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I am a passionate and hands-on thought leader that loves the challenge of translating complex requirements into innovative and game changing solutions.

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